Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RSS and Google Reader test - can you see it?

A few months ago Ron Schott mentioned that my posts weren't appearing in his RSS feed. The other day Callan said that my images hadn't appeared in his Google Reader. It seems that if you go to the blog, you can see the images, but whether they appear on various aggregators/readers seems to vary. Also, the image I have as a background doesn't show up on my computer's browser, but it does show up on my iPad (mobile version).

So I'm going to post a few pictures - if you are willing, I'd appreciate a heads-up as to whether or not these things appear for you.

Picture 1 (from PhotoBooth, directly via computer)

Picture 2 (picture from camera, uploaded via computer)

Picture 3 (picture linked from Flickr)

Also - do you see a background picture?


  1. Google Reader here, your post cuts off at "but it does show up" in firefox. Same result in Feedly, so it seems like it's a Blogger related cutoff/issue. Only 74 words in the preview though, which seems like a random number. Thus I don't see any of those photos until I click through.

    The background on this page is also blue, with a brown column where the post is.

  2. From Feeddler on iOS: See all (including background) - but I don't see picture 2 (there is a space/box for it, but it isn't there.). (FYI - the summary blurb in Feeddler ends with "...but it does show up").

    In Chrome on my Windows 7 desktop: don't see the background picture - just the blue and dark brown as described by poikiloblastic.

  3. Firefox, Google Reader, same result as poikiloblastic.

  4. I am using safari and google reader...same as poiklioblastic I get to the "but it does show up" in my reader.

    background of whole page is blue, with a darker blue for the area with your blog info and then the posts are in a black/very dark blue no brown backgrounds for me.

  5. So it's cut off at "up" and not "on my computer's browser" ? that's odd. I'll have to check to see what my RSS type settings are.