Tuesday, July 10, 2007

8 Things...

Well, The Other 95% and Snail's Tales among others are doing the "8 Random Things" meme. While I have not been posting often enough to warrant tagging others, I figure it'll give anyone stopping by something to chew on while I cook my data in a statistical stew and prepare to share it with the world...

1). I have loved dinosaurs since about age 3. I can say that I have discovered dinosaur bones, and dug them up. When I was in preschool, I drew a picture where I wrote, "I want to be a scientist or a bus driver."

2). I hate driving; I will not be a bus driver.

3). I have painted a full-size cast of a T. rex skull. It took me an entire day to finish.

4). I am extremely accident prone.

5). I prefer dry-erase boards to chalk boards to the point where I put a dry-erase board over the chalkboard in my office.

6). I have two noticeable scars on my head. The first came from running into a chain-link fence (I was running with my eyes closed, by the way) and the second was from sliding headfirst into a door jamb (at about the same age - go figure).

7). I am 6 years older than my sister.

8). I have counted more than 10,000 individual snails and sieved through more than 200 kilograms of mud for my dissertation.