Monday, April 14, 2008

Dissertayshun, I can has?

Apologies for those of you looking for updates about Ice Age snails. Writing chapters in the dissertation and I am in the throes of editing/revising. That leaves little time for blog-type rambles. Here are a few items to keep you busy:

Mating succineid gastropods:
Aydin over at Snail's Tales has an update on his mating Oxyloma retusa. A must see for anyone interested in the naughtier side of snail biology!

Matt, the talented artist at the Hairy Museum of Natural History has a nice portrait of one of the earliest pterosaurs, with some extra linky goodness.

Most of you are probably not aware that, now and again, I draw cartoons. I'm in the process of re-loading some of the better ones to the web in the blogger format.