Saturday, March 16, 2013

Even more grain data

I finished the sieve analysis of the Emriver coded media. I pulled about a quart of material from each of the five buckets that were delivered (about 650 g per sample) for a total of 3.2 kg sieved material.

 I have also been analyzing the sieved fractions for specific gravity (SG). As mentioned before, I noticed the white material was yielding lower SG values than the other colors. Steve Gough suggested that I let the material soak a little longer. I had done that with a few samples, but I've started to let them soak overnight. The white material is still producing slightly lower values than the yellow, brown, or red. Here's a summary of the results so far (the two lowest SG values weren't soaked overnight):

Here's a set of bulk sediment measurements - I think the effect of not soaking them overnight is yielding a few slightly lower measurements, but the results suggest a bulk SG of about 1.53 - just a little shy of what the LRRD folks report (1.55).

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