Thursday, March 21, 2013

Go home Jet Stream, you're drunk

It's been an exceptionally cold and snowy March - contrast this to last year when we had an exceptionally warm March. Like 60°F warmer than this year. Much of the reason for this is the Jet Stream - most years it flops back and forth between winter and summer circulation patterns - this shift in the position of the Jet is one of the reasons why those of us in the middle west of the US get so much precipitation in spring and fall. This year, the high and low pressure regions that influence where the Jet Stream can go are such that the Jet Stream can loop around so much. And one of these "loops" is allowing cold arctic air to circulate southward into our neck of the woods. Dr. Jeff's Wunderblog has a great summary (but DO NOT expect to read the comments and retain your faith in humanity).

The side benefit to Kelly and Me is that we have nearly two feet of snow with which to work with for our "Seekrit Projekt." We spent another couple of hours yesterday - with the help of Todd - and the objet d'art is shaping up nicely.

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