Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Time for another BOOK RELEASE!

My pal Kelly McCullough has another book in the "Broken Blade" series coming out today. It's amazing to think about how fast time has flown by since I first drew maps for his upcoming series. Go buy a copy! If you're in western Wisconsin, or the Twin Cities area be sure and check out the signing events! He'll be at Har Mar this thursday evening and at Uncle Hugo's on Saturday. Or go grab a copy from your local bookseller. They don't have it? Ask them to get copies. Live far away? There's a Kindle version, too!

How many fantasy books can you name that contain maps drafted by an actual geologist? I'm glad to say that Kelly's use of geology and geography avoids many of the irritating geologic pitfalls that this genre is prone to. Besides, you know you want to read a story about an ex-assassin who has a dragon familiar that is literally a shadow.

Who knows - if enough people buy his books I might need to revisit and update/expand the maps I drew. And that would make both of us happy.

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