Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I hope to keep up some of the momentum gained from this year. Here are some of my bloggy resolutions for the new year:

  • More horizontal pixels for the main body text

  • More photographs

  • MOAR Cats

  • More squid

  • More snails

  • More rocks

  • Goat Pants?

  • More frac sand posts

  • More High Speed video

  • Unscented deodorant

  • Something wicked

  • More invented words

  • Enhanced links and keywords

  • More plants

  • Something about skeletons

  • Something else about skeletons

  • Something about dinosaurs that isn't about skeletons

  • Additional information about regional geology

  • A detailed review of the claim made by the pretender to the throne

  • I should probably bake something

  • At this point, you should probably look for someone to kiss

  • Cat Vests?

  • R- versus K-selection in the various Quendi races in The Lord of the Rings

  • Tempo and Mode of evolution

  • I will try to type without using vowels or verbs at least once a month

  • If you are lucky, I will post more interesting tidbits about bookshelves

  • Hidey-hidey hidey hidey-hi

  • Scoodle-ee-boo, Scoodle-ee-boo, Scoodle-ee-boodle-ee-boodle-ee-boo

  • No showtunes unless they be of a geological theme (or I'm feeling punchy)

  • Geology sketchbook color by number

  • I really want to go to Scotland

  • If it ain't scottish it's crap

  • Only 40 minutes left...

  • Ringing in the New Year by Wringing out the Old

  • Something related to dirt should be a fun topic or three

  • Get ready, here it comes...


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  1. Don't add too many pixels to the main body text -- the eye tracks narrower columns more easily.