Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Geophoto?

It looks like Evelyn is going strong with the geophotos and now has a regular theme for mondays. Lockwood and several others went the extra mile and posted additional photos during the weekend, too (via Twitter).

My monday entry is something a little different. Less of a geology photo and more of a photograph taken by a geologist. While the lamp post and the White Witch are standing on an intermediate terrace and Mr Tumnus is perched on a riser adjacent to the floodplain of a small tributary stream, this image is more about what I hope to do more of during my vacation. There are a lot more students on campus than I have seen in the last few weeks and there's the coppery-tinged smell of last minute panic hanging in the air. It must be finals week. Therefore, I will have some unobstructed time to do some paper revisions (yeah, the #sciwrite didn't get me very far...) plus some fun stuff.


Like this set of pictures I made of my friends because there was a Narnia lamp post available and Kelly McCullough had some goat pants.

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