Monday, November 07, 2011

Writing Challenge, Part the first

Anne Jefferson issued a challenge last week. She has some writing that needs to be done and to keep things motivated, she asked fellow geobloggers to join in and share their progress - and it seems that 41 folks joined in. The logo comes from Anne's fellow Allochthonian, Chris Rowan. I have two papers I'd like to finish this month, so I figure this will be a good kick in the pants.

What did I get done this week? Well, about the only thing I got done was some organization - I had a paper rejected (with the encouragement to resubmit) last month and I think the biggest thing to improve it will be to split it into two papers. Especially because the data I presented at GSA this last month ties into the part of the paper that deals with the fluvial chronology of the Upper Mississippi Valley. I've got most of the pieces for each paper, but many of them are out of place, or hanging out somewhere else. So I spent some time trying to figure out what needs to be where.

Aside from that, I taught classes, had my birthday, and then had to go to a wedding (where I got to see my new niece - she's very cute). So last week was a slow start. Not to worry - I have most of the figures in a near-final form already, over 5 pages of comments from the reviewers, and several pages worth of my own notes all ready dealt with.

This week, I would like to have all the pieces for the chronology paper in place (they don't need to be very pretty right now). Once I know how much I have to say for the methods, results, etc. I will be able to get a handle on how much detail and time I'm going to need to finish up the chronology paper. The alluvial sedimentology paper is going to take some time - because I'll have to abandon my ego and go through the reviewer's comments in detail.

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