Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thurs-Demo:The first one with the stream table

There's a new addition to the Dirt Lab's inventory. We're the proud owners of a shiny Em2 stream table, manufactured by the folks at Little River Research & Design. Overall, I'm more than thrilled with the design and performance. I've spent the past week putting it through its paces and testing out some ideas for labs/demos for teaching and some research possibilities. I'll be adding more to this over time - the other bloggers who also have stream tables are invited to share ideas and perhaps we can have some kind of "users group" dedicated to extracting the most from these things. Maybe that's something that Google+ may actually be good for? Or perhaps with their redesigned site, perhaps the LRRD folks can provide a type of forum for these discussions.

Without much description, here are a few time lapse movies I shot over the last week. Each "run" was probably 1-2 hrs. The less "jumpy" ones were shot at 15 sec/frame while the others were made at 30 sec/frame. I shared a few previews on G+ last night and Steve Gough (LRRD's Prime Kahuna) mentioned a top-bottom view works better. Fortunately, iMovie lets me rotate the movie. So here's the adjusted film.

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