Friday, October 21, 2011

A longer run, with a little funk

I let the stream table run for over 2 hours straight yesterday. I would have an even longer video, but the flash card on my camera filled up. I really like how you can see small perturbations cancel each other out in some places and become amplified in others. In the words of Spock, "Fascinating."


  1. Awesome!! More, more! A few tips; do dye injections a lot to show main channel thread, etc., set your digicam to a lower resolution to match you video (1200 pixels wide is plenty) so you have lots more chip space. Also a circular polarizer (you can just tape it over the lens if your point and shoot can't accept one) will get rid of most of the water surface glare.

  2. Looks like you're steadily lowering standpipe/base level, correct?

  3. The camera was set to the lowest resolution already - but that time lapse sequence was almost 530 individual frames. I'm looking for a good dye tracer that will show up on camera - what do you use? Yeah, polarizer is at home, it's on my list of equipment to toss in the bag next time.

    This particular movie was just allowing it to prograde outward with no change in base level.