Monday, March 07, 2011

You've got to be kidding me.

So our local news station has a poll:

As of 7pm, with 471 responses, it was 89.2% yes. Unbe-freakin'-lievable.

There are many things wrong with this poll. First and foremost is that OIL IS NOT TRAPPED UNDERGROUND IN WISCONSIN. Sure, if you drill in Wisconsin, then steer the drill underground some 3,000 miles into the gulf of mexico - you may strike oil. But not here. The other important connection is that drilling does not have an immediate impact on gas prices. The well has to produce oil, which must be shipped to a refinery, the gasoline then shipped to distributors. And other stuff, too.

There was a great post about why being a geologist is important over at I'm going to have to use both of these items in my class this semester. If you're interested, go on over and crash the poll if you're interested.

Here's a more direct link to the poll itself. With 507 responses, it appears that only 1 in 10 respondents understand anything about geology.


  1. There was a somewhat similar bit of editorial idiocy last summer (during the Deepwater Horizon disaster) about how smart Oregon was for not having developed its own offshore oil resources.

  2. Next question: Would you like to make a contribution to my Wisconsin oil drilling fund? Please send cash or checks to...


  3. You're missing the point, Mr Kuchta! The poll simply asked if you would support drilling if it lowered gas prices, it never says that the wells would need to be discoveries of any kind. Maybe there would be some crazy subsidy involved like, if you create oil industry jobs, we'll provide you with $0.05/gal discount at the local Kwik Trip.

  4. Jen, that's Doctor Kuchta :) (It's why I'm entitled to such indignation)
    Hey Ron - if I get some $$, I'll need someone to log drill core.

  5. I would support drilling for oil in Utah if it lowered gas prices. Wait, they do drill for oil here, and wait again, we usually have one of the highest gas prices in the country (although at the moment I believe we are below average). So somehow I don't think those 2 things are related.