Monday, April 01, 2013

Dry Quicksand

I revisited the "dry quicksand" and used the good high speed camera:

DryQuicksand from Matt Kuchta on Vimeo.
A sphere dropped into very loose sand and silt forms a cavity, which then collapses and forms a large jet.


  1. Mr. Kuchta.

    I wanted to tell you let I saw your dry quicksand video on First off, it was very clear and educational, so thank you for that. But I have to say that the entire time you were explaining dry quick sand, all I could think of, which my mind kept on returning to, was the ride swamp from The Princess Bride (both mine and my girlfriend's favorite movie). And then you made my day by doing your little skit at the end. I guess I am lucky I didn't ex out of the video after you were done with the teaching portion.

    Well. That's all.

    Thanks for making my day :)

    Zach Reizes

  2. Awesome video. I also saw it on Great ending and outtakes. There is only one problem with the video... The camera you used to film it, as stated in the credits, was not a Canon D7... It was a Canon 7D (You guys named it like it was a Nikon!) Anyway, I loved it, keep them coming!

  3. Zach and KD7LRI,
    Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you stuck with the entire video - I'm working on another Dirt Lab Dispatch, but I'm trying to be more concise with the "talking" part. And you're right: it's a 7D... oops!

  4. Ok Mister....What is a six figured count ?
    Awesome video, thank you.

    1. You'll have to watch "The Princess Bride" for the full story - or read the book to get the history of Count Rugen.