Saturday, April 06, 2013

Dispatch from the Dirt Lab: Dry Quicksand

I finally put together the demo video about dry quicksand. It's been a longer process than I had anticipated. In part it's because I didn't like either versions I shot on wednesday or thursday, so I reshot the entire thing on friday. Maybe it's the aloha shirt. Maybe it's the content of my talking points. In any case, here's my little explanation and demo for dry quicksand. (Link for those who can't see the embed)

Dispatches from the Dirt Lab: Dry Quicksand from Matt Kuchta on Vimeo.
Wherein I explain the mechanics of dry quicksand.

This video also contains an idea that I've had before - soliciting interesting questions from the audience. I've got material that I'm shooting to use in my classes, but if there's another topic that people who aren't in my class might find interesting I'd like to hear about it. Especially since I interact with many other geologists on the web, I know what they find interesting - but I don't want to just reach out to that group. Most people aren't geologists, so I would like to think that there are other questions our there that haven't occurred to me yet.


  1. Love this! Fun, easy to understand and very illustrative! Good work!