Thursday, December 06, 2012

Art for the Geoscientist?

Callan at Mountain Beltway posted about some "dream courses" he'd like to teach. The post came from the call for posts by Shawn at Vi-Carious in the Accretionary Wedge blog carnival - which I've not had the time to participate in this semester. But Callan's idea about "Art for Geologists" struck a chord with me.

Having double-majored in Studio Art and Geology means that this idea is close to my own personal interests. And I've been thinking of creating a series of posts related to discussing techniques and practices that would highlight techniques and methods of visual communication/representation - particularly photography, but perhaps also some ideas on illustration. Judging from Callan's cartoons and sketches, I'm not the only one who thinks this way. So I'm just tossing out a thought and informal poll regarding interests and ideas.

Would other bloggers find it interesting? Would this be something that might find interest outside the geoblogosphere? Leave a comment, post ideas on your own blog, send emails, whatever - I've got things I want to write about, but I'll give preference to things that others would find interesting, too.


  1. An interesting idea! I missed the opportunity, but where I went for undergrad they offered a course like this once in a while called Drawing For The Sciences. Here is the catalogue description:

    "A practical examination of fundamental concepts in the art of drawing for the sciences. Students will acquire basic skills in preparation for drawing in the field and in the laboratory for sciences courses. This course develops visual perception, aesthetic judgment and sound studio practice. For declared science majors and minors, for non-art majors."

  2. I would definitely be interested in this. In my first year of teaching I took a couple sketching classes to help my illustration abilities. It was good, but the instructor didn't understand the topics I was trying to illustrate, so I think I could have learned more... Anything would be appreciated