Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An unexpected result

Popping water balloons is fun. But when I set up a water balloon to pop when it hit the top of an upward trajectory, I didn't expect the result I ended up with.

I really have no idea if I could replicate that or not. But you know I'm gonna try. I also tried a setup with the water balloon swinging from the side.


  1. Firstly I want to excuse miself for my ignorance, but: what result did you expect? I think that it follows the principe of conservation of movement. Perhaps the surprising fact is the expansive wave?

  2. I think the difference may have something to do with what part of the balloon gets punctured, as the stresses may be different in different places (it's not a perfect sphere). But remember, I bailed on a physics major in college, so what do I know?