Friday, May 28, 2010

Long's Peak Album

For my "A.W." contribution, I thought I'd share a bunch of pictures of Long's Peak. Instead of a long, wordy post about one picture, I thought I'd post a bunch of pictures and just a few words from a hike up to the top of Long's Peak a few years ago. Long's Peak has a special place in my heart in that Major John Wesley Powell was in the party that recorded the "first ascent" (undoubtedly the indigenous peoples had been climbing the mountains long before this).

The following year, I didn't climb the mountain, but rather hiked to the glacial tarn just below the peak (Chasm Lake). The long line of other hikers were winding their way around Mt. Lady Washington and continuing on to the summit. I turned off to the left and awaited the sunrise.


  1. Beautiful photos. The bottom two are especially gorgeous. Like.

  2. I have many of the same pictures from when I hiked Long's about 5 years ago.