Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kelly McCullough book signing

Some of you may already know this, some of you may have no idea what's going on. But sci-fi/fantasy author Kelly McCullough (my friend who recorded this video of antidunes on the Hawaiian beach) is having a book launch today. The last in his WebMage series hits the shelves today, and he'll be at the Har Mar mall in the Twin Cities to sign copies. Greg Laden mentioned this as well. Some of you may recognize that mall as the annual home of the Minnesota Creation Science Fair (Greg Laden also makes a field trip to that fair about every year as well).

So, go buy the book. If you haven't read the series yet, buy all the books - they're out. They're snarky, funny, and have a cool mix of computer programming, magic, and greek mythology all rolled into one. I also can tell you with confidence that the last book doesn't disappoint. And if you're in the Twin Cities, stop by the Har Mar Mall tonight (May 25th @ 7pm). And tell Kelly that "Research at a Snail's Pace told you." Because both he and I will be greatly amused.