Friday, November 04, 2005

Some more ice age land snails

I was looking at this photo and I noticed I have what seem to be two succineids in this sample. Compare the one on the upper right to the one in the lower middle. There is a distinct difference here that I hope isn't just ontogenetic.

From top to bottom: an egg, Columella alticola, Pupilla muscorum, Vetigo cf. modesta, a succineid (Catinella sp.?), and Discus cf. shimeki

Discus cf. shimeki and one round snail egg.


  1. The shell in the middle of the top photo is not a succineid. Its aperture seems to be too short to be a succineid. I suspect it's a freshwater snail.

    Is D. shimeki supposed to be that small? (I don't have Pilsbry with me.) I wonder what you have is something else. Hawaiia maybe?

  2. The shells get a bit larger up to about 8mm or so. That's the published range for several Discus species. But I will look into Hawaiia, thanks.