Thursday, November 03, 2005

Some Ice Age Land Snails

Okay, if anyone is looking at this blog, it's likely they've glazed over once they saw my long qualifier answers. That's to be expected, so to make up here's a post with few words and lots of images. Below each is my tentative ID. If anyone has corrections, please let me know.

Glyphalinia indentata?

Heliodiscus parallelus?

Succinea sp.?

Discus shimeki?

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  1. It's probably G. indentata, but I am not familiar with northern species in that genus. H. parallelus is probably correct. Vertigo modesta looks like the drawings in Pilsbry.

    As for the succineid, I would call it succineid sp., because one can't reliably determine their genera, let alone species, from shells only. Could it also be a Pseudosuccinea, a freshwater genus?