Friday, November 01, 2013

Our GSA 2013 Poster is now a movie

I uploaded our GSA Poster as a video file so that people could see some of the images and get some of the information that I talked about at the 2013 conference.

Kuchta & Zimmerman, 2013 - 3D Scanning w/ Kinect from Matt Kuchta on Vimeo.
Movie file of my 2013 GSA poster on scanning stream tables with the kinect scanner. Until we get our act together and formally publish the work, here's a movie of the poster slides shown at GSA in October, 2013.

I plan on updating the list of software options (a few people gave me some great suggestions on how they were using 3D data in their courses) and workflow once the new Kinect scanner is released.

But if you're navigating to this site because you're interested in using the Kinect for teaching geomorphology, leave a comment below. Or "follow" this blog (either blogger or via google+) and keep in touch. There is too much for one person to track down by themselves, so I'm hoping people will be able to contribute their knowledge.

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