Friday, August 26, 2011

AW#37: "Sexy Geology"

So the theme this month is "Sexy Geology."

For all my research in fluvial systems as a sedimentologist, stratigrapher and paleontologist, there's just something about mountains. They make me go weak in the knees.


This summer brought me to Glacier, National Park. A fitting place, because it was one of those places I remembered hearing about way back as an undergraduate (sometime in the early Holocene). Here's a scan of my class notes (yes, I still have my freshman year Intro Geology Notes - don't you?).

And because a good field geologist always sketches what is in front of their eyes, here's a new sketch. Made standing next to the campsite bathrooms at St Mary campground:

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  1. It appears in ~15 years you've learned to add a scale and that things other than rocks can be important to remember.