Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thurs-demo: The one from an ammo box

Many of you may be going out into the field this summer. I'm setting up my field equipment for a season of paleontology, sedimentology, and snail biology. Some of my stuff is small. Some of my stuff is small and fragile. Storing them in a container that is both tough, easy to see, and easy to carry around is sometimes challenging. So, following the lead from the field gurus at the UW-Geology Museum, I repurposed a few old military ammunition boxes. And painted them in high-visibility colors.

So now the small, breakable stuff has a home. A home that is durable (these things carried bullets, after all), easy to see, and easy to pack (I can store two of these in one of the large rubbermaid bins that holds some other equipment, too. Need to hike in, away from the car? The handle provides easy portability.


  1. Where do you find the boxes? Goodwill? Online?

    More specifically, where in Duluth/Sup can I find them?

  2. Kristin,
    I would check the army/navy surplus stores, or outdoor hunting/camping places. I found mine at Fleet Farm (similar, but not the same as Farm&Fleet).