Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Our public radio station had someone talking about the health virtues of eating fish. With no distinction about what fish are being over-harvested or how farm-raised fish can be worse (or better in some cases).

Last night the national news reported the findings of a study that suggested a link between working overtime and declining health. Followed by a news release (more of a corporate press release, really) that McDonald's was hiring thousands of new workers. Many of these positions would be - wait for it - at restaurants open 24 hrs a day. So they need people to work the graveyard shifts.

At some point I would like the news to point out that while X may be healthy for us, the methods we go about achieving it may have negative impacts on our immediate and large-scale environment. I'm all for eating healthy. But if the only way to achieve these health benefits is to walk out on the ice and club a dodo, I think I'll pass.

Our economy is creating jobs. But these are servile and low-wage positions. Want a job? Do everything you can to get hired - but don't work overtime: it's bad for your health (maybe)...

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