Monday, April 04, 2011

Compare and Contrast

Look at last week. Compare it to this week. There will probably be a big difference, as April seems to be the month where everything has to get finished. Posting may be light this week. Or it might come in a flurry towards the end of the week as I slowly lose my mind...


  1. Hello MK. Look at last week. Now back to this week. Now back at last week. Now back at this week. Sadly, this isn't last week. But if time could be slowed down, it could feel like last week.

    Look down. Now up. Where are you? You're surrounded by students who are actually handing in their papers on time. What's in your hand. Back to this week. It's a pair of tickets to that conference you've always wanted to go to. Look again. The tickets are now the rare formanifera you've been looking for that will guarantee you the permanent professorship and a Nobel prize. Anything is possible when you're able to change time, or cope without losing your mind...