Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random WTF?

Pharyngula has a link to an article about marital sex obligations written by a 'minister.' He was pointing out the unfortunate analogy in equating marital sex to cleaning the toilets - as in, "it has to be done."

As I said, sometimes sex is just sex; it's what you do when you are married. Just like cleaning the toilet is what you do to keep your house clean...and I bet you don't have this great desire or huge emotional connection to scrubbing the porcelain! You do it because it needs to be done and that's the way it is with married sex... it does need to be done! It's the glue that God gave us to bond us to one another. The bible is very clear that it is your responsibility as a spouse. [Emphasis mine]

So what we also have here is a command by someone in at least a perceived "position" of authority (ahem), that the spouses must have sex. Well, that's all well and good until you get to the point where one spouse does not want to have sex. There's another word for making someone have sex against their will - it's called rape. So all guffawing about the stupid analogy aside, ignoring the patronizing christian themes of marriage and chastity, there is a very worrisome undercurrent here. That one spouse has the authority to force the other to do something. That's not marriage, it's not love, it's abhorrent.

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