Thursday, February 06, 2014

A Get Well TARDIS for Caitlin

Get well cards are cool.

Our friends Michael and Lynn Thomas have a wonderful daughter. Caitlin had surgery recently and it's been a long challenging week for all of them (nine days, actually). I had been kicking around the idea of a get well card that also served as some geek sculpture/puzzle to send to them. It's a chance for me to try crafting something new and it'll give Lynne and Michael something to work on while they're at home with Cait

A blue book. I used a small stylus to emboss the pattern in the front cover.

With various parts. The book is just a few pieces of cardboard, covered in blue craft foam. Another kind of project foam for the "pages" and then shapes cut out of it to hold the TARDIS parts.

Some more parts.

All of the parts removed from the book.

The rolled up note is the center column, the yellow "console" fits around the note.

Most of the TARDIS was cut out of blue craft foam with printed lettering glued on.

The top and bottom fit into the middle.

It's possible there's a wee bit of geekery in this picture.

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