Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Farewell GSA125...

I'm just about all packed up and ready to head back to the chilly midwest tomorrow morning. GSA this year was one of the more productive that I've had - probably because Steve Gough and the Little River Research & Design team were generous enough to let me camp out in their booth and demonstrate some 3D scanning with the XBox Kinect plus shoot some fabulous high speed video of their new flume.

Here's a snapshot I took of the surface of one of the Em2s after a bunch of people had dug around in it.

And some lovely high speed video of the impeller on the newly designed "Emflume" that LRRD has been designing.
Rotating impeller on LRRD's "Emflume" from Matt Kuchta on Vimeo.
The impeller that drives the "Emflume" at 4000 fps.

Impeller rotation with circulating plastic media from Matt Kuchta on Vimeo.
Another view of the LRRD impeller design with circulating plastic media.

I also got to talk with a bunch of people who are doing cool things with geomorphology and sedimentology. I think I handed out twice as many business cards as the last two GSA conventions combined. I think I'm going to have to start updating the Google+ stream table page soon.

And one of the rock & mineral dealers was selling these monster Biotite books for just $6! I grabbed a couple for my teaching collection. And some calcite cleavage fragments that will not be long for this world (eevil laugh).

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