Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Put on your 3D glasses now!

Things are in full swing here in the Dirt Lab. We're wrapping up the sample processing - most of the snails are picked out of the litter and we've been counting and identifying lots of snails. Along with data entry, we're taking pictures of some of the snails. The problem with pictures is that they're "flat." It's hard to get an idea of the shape or sculpture of the shells - so I tried taking pictures through the right and left eyepieces. Overlay the two images, line them up and add a little blending adjustment... and voila!

The snails are in three dee! Provided you have the red/blue glasses, of course.

Anguispira altnernata

Discus catskillensis

How many species are here?

Strobilops labyrinthicus

Vallonia costata

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