Sunday, May 05, 2013

Blog lives up to its name: we've got a paper (finally) out!

I've mentioned that we've been doing snail population surveys in western Wisconsin as part of a DNR grant before, but I haven't provided much in the way of detail because I wanted to get some of the data published before I really got into some of the details.

Well, the first paper as a result of our work is out in the journal "Checklist." You can download the .pdf here.

Hendersonia occulta (Say, 1831), the Cherrystone drop snail (Gastropoda: Helicinidae), extended geographic distribution, Wisconsin, USA.
Lynum C.A.; R. Amundson; M. Kuchta; A.M. Little; T. Hyde; K.E. Perez.
Check List 9(2):472-474

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