Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shootin' Pool

There's an old adage in Billiards - you're not making this shot. You're making this shot to set yourself up for the next shot. If everything goes right, you leave yourself well-situated for each successive play, and run the table...

This applies to blogging in that where I want this blog to be next is somewhat unclear. I want to spend time on geology and snails (they are the blog's namesake after all). But there's so much more to heaven and earth than are dreamt of in this one blog (click on my profile and look at the other two blogs I've spec'ed out for an example).

Then there's this whole job-thing that I've got. I have some new obligations with that. But our digital campus is a good fit for the interwebs for the most part. We even have a professor in the English department who incorporates twitter into her class. So I've got some things to think about. I'll be interested to read this month's Accretionary Wedge.

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