Thursday, October 27, 2005

it's like the festiva: a big smallness...

Just a test to see if what blogger does to one of my pics. The above pictured is Discus shimeki, wich has not [yet] been described in Wisconsin. I think I have good evidence to extend its range beyone Iowa - where the nearest pleistocene records exist. I hope I'm right on the species, as this would make my project more interesting. It does have the characters of shimeki where the ribs are indistinct on the lower surfaces, about 4 whorls, and the umbilicus seems right (pic to follow later).

I do invite any malacologist who sees this entry to correct me on the ID. For your info, the hash marks on the right are mm, and the umbilicus is 1/3 or less the total diamter (of about 6mm). I would have a pic, but the camera/computer setup I was using failed me and wrote a crapped-out CD where I could only use 2 images. Oh well.

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